Watch this space…

Welcome to the fresh pages of the Research Whisperer!

We’re in the process of finalising our first entries. Our sneak launch was perhaps not as sneaky as one would think.

Before our debut posts are up, you may want to find out:

  • ABOUT the Research Whisperer, and/or
  • CONTACT us with ideas, questions, and any other feedback.

We are excited about this project, and hope that you’ll come along for the ride!

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About Tseen Khoo
Dr Tseen Khoo is a lecturer in research education and development in Melbourne. In previous incarnations, Tseen has been a research grant developer, and research fellow. She founded a national research network (AASRN), edited an academic journal for 5 years, and has been part of successful major competitive grants. Other than that, she can be quite normal.

4 Responses to Watch this space…

  1. Boulouc says:

    Great to see this new blog. I’m a new avid reader of the Thesis whisperer, even though I graduated few years ago. I still think those advices are welcome, but I’m glad a grown up approach is coming for the life after the thesis. Hope you great success for this blog.

  2. Enjoying the posts you have so far. Keep up the great work!

  3. Tseen Khoo says:

    Thanks, Melissa! Glad you’re getting something out of the blog. It’s good fun. :)

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